Through awareness of gratitude, you can improve so much in life. I am grateful for…

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” – Aesop

How do you benefit from gratitude?

Art Foundations: Critique and DRAW!

What might you do to ramp up your city scape / country scape / neighborhood / interior drawing?


  1. 2.1 Form criticism about artworks that work to accomplish personal meanings.
  2. 5.3 Describe meanings of artworks by analyzing 5.3.1 techniques

Self – evaluation of the writing for the day – What did you find NEW in your work that you forgot you did well or struggled with?

Advanced Drawing: RESOLVE the drawing

What have you got to finish up today? How have you advanced in your understanding of color and composition?


  1. 3.3 describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value
  2. 5.5 evaluate responses to works of art for communicating 5.5.1 rationale 5.5.2 ideas 5.5.3 opinions (what was the / is the message you were trying to deliver in your work? What did you hope to / actually learned in the process?)

What are some of the conversational bits that you will take from the brief comments you have at the end of today’s class and put into use in the FORMAL written critiques? Written Critiques DUE MONDAY (OR EARLIER). Use the following GOAL to help you write your final critique: How did you 1.2 create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.1 materials 1.2.2 techniques 1.2.3 and processes you used.

AP Studio Art: CHALLENGE of the Concentration and Still Life

Arshile Gorky – What’s the development of his work? Do you think it happened in 9 months?


  1. 5.3 describe rationale of breadth works by analyzing 5.3.1 techniques (WHAT IS THE ELEMENT / PRINCIPLE that you are focused on?).
  2. If you had to write a PERSONAL GOAL for today… what would you write? Go ahead and write it.

Review the CONCENTRATION works you have developed at this point and answer (online) the two questions for the PORTFOLIO IN YOUR ONLINE PORTFOLIO. What did you accomplish this week? What do you need to do over the break to be FINISHED with these two works?

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