April 16, 2013 – Tuesday

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Make Mistakes… Mkae Mjoar Misktes…


Art Foundations: 2 more days to work on the city scape. What is your plan of action for the last 2 days? Value? Perspective? ACCURACY?

Oldenburg / van Bruggen and Gehry works together!


  1. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks
  2. 3.1 reflect on how art differs and describe how it relates to history and cultures

What have you done today to move your drawing forward toward completion? What is the STRONGEST aspect of your drawing? The thing you are most proud of? What are you in need of working on STILL? It is ok… but what still needs work?


Drawing: Today – Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Ears – Find 4 examples of each – larger than OR about the same size as REAL eyes from MAGAZINES that we have in the classroom – Slightly smaller if necessary, but… try to go large. Cut them out and GLUE them into your sketchbook. We are looking at the face this week…

Lovely No?


  1. 3.3 describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value
  2. 3.4 evaluate and defend the validity of sources for ideas

What mistakes did YOU make – how bad were they when it came to eyes?

Homework: Collect images from the newspaper or magazines that represent you or that you feel are important to you in today’s social environment. The images MUST be in your sketchbook at the beginning of class tomorrow!


AP Studio Art: CRITIQUE of the Works you have accomplished SO FAR… ALMOST DONE!!! Bring out one of your EARLIEST concentration works and set it along side of the 3 most recent works we are looking at today.

Early Stuart Davis
Mid Career Stuart Davis
Late Career Stuart Davis


  1. 3.3 describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value.
  2. 4.5 look at the qualities of art from various times and cultures to judge works of art.

Ok… By Wednesday – You will have your 2 questions worked out for the upload of the projects to AP College Board… WE NEED TO SHARE THESE ALOUD and HELP ONE ANOTHER. What do you feel about the work you have created here?


Study Hall: What are the classes you KNOW – before we meet with you – that you have missing work in?

What have you got in your backpack? What should be in your teachers’ hands?


  1.  Bring everything you need, nothing you don’t
  2. What do you need to accomplish today? Write BOTH of these goals down and BE AWARE OF THEM AS YOU WORK TODAY!

What was ONE NEW THING you learned today in ONE of your classes – be particular about the facts and information. How does it tie into what you will be able to use tomorrow? What is one thing you heard about today that you are not 100% sure on? Why might it be important tomorrow or in the future for your classes?

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