April 11, 2013 – Thursday

“Employing your imagination is the first step to the fulfillment of any dream.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich


Art Foundations: Who is Frank Gehry? We will introduce you to some of his works of Architecture and a bit about him… DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!!!

Oldenburg / Van Bruggen / Frank O. Ghery collaborative effort for business center.

Cityscape Instructions – 2013 Spring Semester


  1. (1.2.2 and 3) Create 2 point perspective drawings that demonstrate an understanding of how your ideas relate to technique and process.
  2. (5.1) Identify the intentions and purposes in creating 2 point perspective / use of values to create form.

How did you enjoy the architecture of Frank Gehry? What was it that interested you in the style of his buildings? What might you do to CHANGE the work you have in front of you and make your architecture more Gehry’esque?


Drawing: FINAL DAY OF CRIT? Not for ALL of the classes. Make sure you have your PAPERS worked on and the final changes made to your artwork.

Agnes Martin – One of my favorites… Take a moment and have a conversation with your neighbor about these 4 works. What are your THOUGHTS, RESPONSES, REACTIONS, and EDUCATED CRITIQUES? 2 minute Conversation… GO!


  1. 3.5 Evaluate and defend the manner in which subject matter, symbols, and images are used.
  2. 2.4 compare different points of view regarding composition and meaning in artwork.

You have HOPEFULLY taken a lot of learning and experience from the critiques so far. What is the one thing that you have learned about the workings of drawings, the building of a composition, and the making of QUALITY ART? Number ONE thing you walk away with and HOW will you put that gained knowledge to your future works?


AP Studio Art: WORK – That’t it… WORK on Making, Critiquing, Writing, Photographing, Editing, Uploading, etc…

Hong Kong International School… Social Commentary!


  1. 3.2 apply subjects, symbols, and ideas in art and use skill to solve visual challenges

What is going well? What can you share about the process you are going through RIGHT NOW? Go to the person in this room that is the FURTHEST AWAY from you and have a SOLID conversation about the work you are making and ALL THAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

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