February 23, 2013 – Saturday – ABC’s of Art 2013

The Newest ABC of the Arts: I – L
By: Frank Korb
January 2013

Frank Korb

Frank Korb

In 2002 and again in 2007, John Tusa of The Guardian wrote the ABC’s of what was facing the world of the arts and how to deal with them. Inspired by his ABC’s, these are my 26 thoughts on the importance of support of the arts in school systems and communities across the country / world.


I is for Importance – The importance of the visual arts is often overlooked, yet when walls need decorating, fliers need printing, shirts need designing, sets need painting, the visual artists are the ones that are called upon. Image the walls of a household, office, classroom without the visuals – how sterile and unimportant would that space be (think of a prison cell… maybe I have offered up too much information – Just Kidding.)?

J is for Juxtaposition – The side by side comparison of professional artists, the community artists, and the student artists is essential to the community of artists and learners. The professional, weekend warrior, and the student learning what it is to work in and be around art may not always be attained by those in the arts BUT it is essential to the arts. The Artist, the Critic, the Historian, the Consumer… Art does not get made in a vacuum and is essential to all those involved.

K is for Kindred Spirits – The closeness of a group of artists (professionals and students alike) who are making work, discovering skills and abilities, solving problems and coming up with new and inventive solutions, and then showing work together with a sense of pride… this is something desperately needed in our world – here is an opportunity to promote that spirit of unity. Start an art group with your friends and have pizza while talking about the art you make.

L is for Lifelong Learning – What does it take to be an artist? This is a question that many colleges and universities fail to provide a solid answer for. Opportunities abound as one learns what it is to juggle the time, management, resources, artworks, and all the other things that are part of a successful artist (professional and students alike).


NEXT WEEK: M, N, and O

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