January 30, 2013 – Wednesday

All of the works we complete are just stepping stones between your next work. What are you doing with this work that will carry you into the next work and make you create a stronger work? Be aware of what you are doing and how it will make you a better artist?


Art Foundations: Finish chapter 1 and begin chapter 4. Hands on with line and CONTOUR LINE DRAWING.


  1. (4.2) describe the purpose and meaning of art objects within different cultures, times, and places.
Picasso and his drawing of Igor Stravinsky – LINE!

What were the different types of lines drawings that you worked on today? What are different qualities of lines and what messages can they communicate to an audience? What were your responses to the drawings that we worked on and why? Reflect with your neighbors about the drawings you did in class today and be able to identify the variety of different lines.


Drawing:  LAST DAY to RESOLVE the still life drawings – 20 minutes. CRITIQUE (Video) of work.


  1. (2.1) form criticism about drawings inspired from real objects.
  2. (3.3) describe the creation of drawings and ideas and explain why they are of value.
Critiquing a work of art… let’s get some thoughts on your work.

What are the differences with the three types of Pencils? What do YOU find useful from today’s exercise? What is the ONE THING you are going to carry forward that you have learned from this first in class exercise?


AP Studio Art: Reflect on the work you are doing. What is working? What wall are you hitting?


  1. (5.5) Evaluate responses to works of art (from others thoughts).
  2. (2.4) compare different points of view regarding composition and meaning.
Francis Bacon’s Studio – What a mess? His works are AWESOME and MOVING! Woah!

What bit of advice did you get from your classmates that you will be able to put to use? What bit of advice did you give that might be used elsewhere? What are your goals for the next work(s) that will show your development? 

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