Let’s rethink how we move forward. Studio Habits are in need of attention folks!

Intro to Painting – Book Making! New to you! (Challenging as well.)

“Plein Air” Painting Lesson HERE

Book Binding this week (to add a change of pace to the painting process) and then back to the painting.

This is a FUN BOOK – and we will do this BUT… we are also going to build a more challenging book that we can then add our own art into. Pay attention to the process and understand how this all works.

Art Foundations – Perspective and Shading – Mark Making.

How well do you know PERSPECTIVE? We are going to get into this BIG this week! Then onto the still life.
Do you see the similarities in Disney’s “Toy Story” and Stanly Kubric’s “The Shining?” It’s all perspective!

Using one or two point perspective as well as shading, hatching and cross hatching, scumbling, and stippling… draw out your best cube or cubes – 20 minutes to see what you can do. Then we learn and practice.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Logos are coming up!

What logos are you drawn to? What is the difference in the logos you see here. Let’s look at some of the most iconic logos of all time!

Logo Search HERE (and in the Google Classroom)

We are going to explore the ideas of the logo, the properties of a logo, and then we are going to design one. There are a number of artists we are going to look at so… be aware of your designs and PLANNING!

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