New Space – New Arrangement – New Attitudes – NEW WORKS!

Intro to Painting – Book Making and the spirit of Plein Air painting

“Plein Air” Painting Lesson HERE

Book Binding this week (to add a change of pace to the painting process) and then back to the painting.

We will have the options of making an accordion book or a Japanese Stab Bound Book. There are many more ways to do this, and if you want to explore your own approach – GO FOR IT – but this is what we are doing in studio.

ALSO – you have ONE MORE WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE to create. IF YOU WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PAINT… I am all for that. Use the studio time to explore a small part of the campus and work really “PLEIN AIR” – just bring a coat.

Art Foundations – Space, Perspective, and the Still Life

We have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of ideas to conquer. This is going to be a challenge and I look forward to seeing the skills you develop AND the compositions you do to. Perspective will include a creature that you can use from our bucket of toys OR one that you find out there in the interweb…

  • Negative Space
  • Shading Forms
  • Drawing Forms
  • Compositions in a Still Life

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Adobe Illustrator, Art History, and Architecture

    Hilma Af Klint and Paintings for the Future.

    You are going to make your own Artworks for the Future by begining with hers and then moving into a design of your own geometric idea based on her work. Sketches, watercolors, colored pencil, photographs and then into illustrator SO YOU CAN LEARN. Be patient with changes to the lesson plans and be willing to RESEARCH and DRAW and PAINT in Geometric Fashions – NON-OBJECTIVE!

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