A real week? 5 full days? Nope – ACT Practice on Tuesday. That’s ok! We are STILL MAKING ART!

Intro to Painting – Plein Air Art so to speak… not really.

Lesson HERE – We are modifying the larger landscape lesson as getting everyone outside is a challenge this semester – colder and the like… so we are working with the same ideas but working from photography. The principles are similar but the experience is different.

Make sure you are working with a well composed image – think about COMPOSITION TECHNIQUES as you move along. You are working with photographs that were made for this artwork specifically – you cannot use photographs that you made prior to the beginning of this assignment. This is about the now and the intent of the work. You also have one that you made in class and one that is from your own world outside of the school – this one may or may not be stronger… we shall see.

Online ideas about painting the landscape (and everything else in watercolor)

Art Foundations – Elements and Principles and Photography – PORTRAITS specifically this week and PHOTOSHOP!

Annie Liebovitz is a MASTER of the making of PORTRAITS. We are going to work together to make the ideas of the portrait this week with NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL lighting – indoor and outdoor as well. PAIRS of people and not groups of 5!

HERE are some TIPS for successful Portraits – Think about the STRONG LIGHTING as well as natural lighting folks.

Annie Liebovitz’s Muhammad Ali – Great Lighting and pose. Notice the LEFT HEAVY composition and the Frame within a Frame?

Annie Leibovitz and her work with STAR WARS from Vanity Fair Magazine!

First Order leaders General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) and Allegiant General Pryde (Richard E. Grant) on the bridge of Kylo Ren’s destroyer.PHOTOGRAPH BY ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – One more week and then onto Adobe Illustrator – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet…

How can your artwork (beyond this assignment) be inspired (but not copy) other works of art? Let’s take a look!

Spencer Bently – Inspired Photographs NOT plagiarized artworks.

Remember to work with the:

  • Layers?
  • Brushes – Remember that we looked at the MANY different kinds of brushes and all that you can do with them.
  • ALT Key to switch between tools?
  • Colors?
  • If is OFTEN EASIER to have an understanding of KEYSTROKES to change tools than to go tot he toolbar and change tools.

RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

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