Week 4? What happened to week’s 1, 2, and 3? Ok… here we go!

Intro to Painting – Still Life Crit. and then Plein Air (or landscape if the weather doesn’t hold)

Hockney’s homecoming … The Road Across the Wolds (1997). Photograph: Steve Oliver

As we wrap up the still life, we prepare to go out and work en Plein Air – Out of Doors. This is not a new idea but one that has been around for a very long time and is still being practiced today. As a matter of fact, plein air painting is such a thing there are communities, contests, exhibitions, and all matters of things associated with it. David Hockney (85) is still out there working on his oil paintings (grandiose in nature at times) making works based on his neighborhood, where he lives and works – and they even have concept and meaning… Let’s look at where WE live and see what we can do with that.

Lesson HERE!

Art Foundations – Elements and Principles and Photography

Aqua Tanager, Paula McCartney, Photograph – WEBSITE HERE

Photography is where we are headed next. There is SO MUCH to the idea of a photograph and the everyday Snapchat to communicate does not even begin to consider the idea of a photograph. Instagram (As dangerous as it has become to our youth) is full of photographs that are incredibly planned and fixed and edited that they might be considered as photographs and not just pictures (although if it is not a video then it may not even be worth the time on Instagram – har har). Let’s look at the ideas of what makes up the visual arts through the use of photography and then how Paula McCartney used props to invent her landscapes (and other inventions and approaches).

    Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

    “Recreations inspired by” are different than “Restorations” This article from Arnet about restorations that are “So Bad They’re Brilliant?” might give you a goal of what NOT to shoot for in your learning of Photoshop and painting… Enjoy!

    The statue of Santa Barbara at Brazil’s Santa Cruz da Barra Chapel, before and after restoration. Photo by Milton Teixeira.

    What are you doing with the initial lessons of:

    • Layers?
    • Brushes – Remember that we looked at the MANY different kinds of brushes and all that you can do with them.
    • ALT Key to switch between tools?
    • Colors?
    • If is OFTEN EASIER to have an understanding of KEYSTROKES to change tools than to go tot he toolbar and change tools.

    RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

    ALSO – AI Artwork is banned from the Getty? ARTnews (and others) are reporting this as a concern for copyright infringement and potential lawsuits. What did we learn about last week with AI Art and how is is staying in the world of the arts? Let;s also glance at this article (later in the week). Do you really want to copy that Disney character – the answer is a resounding NO!

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