Eat That Frog! Take care of the HARD stuff First. Planning? Starting? What is the FROG in your Art Making Process?

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy,

Eat that Frog

Intro to Painting – Watercolors and the Still Life

Where are you in the PROGRESS of YOUR watercolor painting?

We are continuing to work on the techniques and lessons learned in the making of a successful watercolor still life.

If you feel like you are finishing up… take a step back and reflect, critique, and revise.

  • Larger to Smaller
  • Basic to Specific
  • Light to Dark

HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

    Art Foundations – CREATIVE VESSEL – Wrap it up this week

    IMISO Ceramics

    Remember the CORE of the assignment is to build upon the following techniques:

    • Slab
    • Coil
    • Pinch (perhaps)
    • Additive
    • Subtractive
    • Reductive or Piercings
    • Manipulation
    • VESSEL
    • Creativity and Personal Attachment and Meaning to the work

    CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

    Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

    Kathe Kollwitz and Mr. Korb – Her’s is better
    Kathe Kollwitz at the British Museum

    Photoshop is the TOOL and you are the artist

    What are you doing with the initial lessons of:

    • Layers?
    • Brushes?
    • ALT Key?
    • Colors?

    RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

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