We are getting deeper into the making now… hold on tightly!

Intro to Painting – Watercolors and the Still Life

Oranges, 1972
Pastel on paper
28 x 31 1/2 inches

What are the TECHNIQUES that you are going to be using to develop these images? Refer back to your initial experiments in the process and make sure you are aware of and using EACH OF THEM in the final product. The intent is to learn them so they are your tools throughout the process.

HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

    Art Foundations – Ceramics and the CREATIVE VESSEL

    Maria Martinez Video HERE!

    Imiso Studio and the creation of some REALLY LARGE vessels!

    Remember the CORE of the assignment is to build upon the following techniques:

    • Slab
    • Coil
    • Pinch (perhaps)
    • Additive
    • Subtractive
    • Reductive or Piercings
    • Manipulation
    • VESSEL
    • Creativity and Personal Attachment and Meaning to the work

    CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

    Intro to Digital Art and Photography – The FAMOUS works of Art and YOU!

    RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!

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