We are OUT of FULL WEEKS OF SCHOOL. The 2021-2022 year is ALMOST OVER! Keep working and stay focused on the artmaking.

What can we say about the rest of the year. Below I will simply tell you what is on the horizon. That is all. Thank you for the INCREDIBLE WORK this year. The struggles in art are real BUT… it is all about showing up and getting the work done. Rule #7 is a FOCAL POINT of it ALL – The ONLY rule is WORK!

Advanced Painting: Figurative Work FINISH IT UP!


Make USE of the class period and studio time. Critique of one work on Thursday – the rest next week – and then we CLEAN!

Here is the ASSIGNMENT: Figurative Art!

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Handbook Cover Design – then we finish the PHOTO BOOKS

HANDBOOK COVER – this week we are cranking up our working habits and pushing to a fast deadline – welcome to the world of graphic design and deadlines – HARD AND FAST DEADLINES.

It feels lik eMondrian made a huge impact on the DESIGN WORLD as well as the painting world.

HERE is the larger Photography Book assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas.

Art Foundations: Collage (and Poetry)

We are beginning to work on our COLLAGES! This is a FUN activity that allows one to play with the SPACE and FORM in a way that is loose and free (or tight and specific). Let’s learn about Romare Bearden and Della Wells in the process.

Thank you Della Wells for filling the space with SO MUCH to look at and take in. Collage and CONTEXT!


Intro to Painting: HAND BOUND BOOKS!

The making of one’s own hand bound book can be a lot of fun and very rewarding so… be attentive to the process we are going to be teaching and work at making this a worthwhile project.

Watercolor or drawing paper is up to you.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: MONEY comes next… I mean LOGO Design Comes Next!

LOGO Design is the final project. We are finishing this up and presenting on WEDNESDAY. What to do with the remainder of the year? We will find out soon.

Some online artist selling their fast and fast logos… It is NOT that easy… But good on them for making money and a living. Gotta hustle!

What FRUSTRATES me about the idea of ONLINE LOGO DESIGN services is that they make it seem so instant, so easy. The REAL design takes time and thought and introspection as well as revision and revision and revision… It takes an ARTIST to do the work. This is not STRONG logo design… your designs are!

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