We are getting CLOSE to the END… But we are NOT THERE YET! Do Not Lose Steam! Do Not Stop Making the BEST ART YOU CAN!

Advanced Painting: Figurative Work Continued

Just so you are aware… the process of the figurative work has taken a lot longer than anticipated and we are going to continue this through the rest of the term. The figure is HARD. The canvases we built were CHALLENGING and the ideas that you are communicating are PERSONAL.

Make USE of the class period and studio time.


Doron Langburg “Daniel Reading” 2019

Last week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast deals specifically with an exhibition about the figure and HERE IT IS! Remember that we are listening and seeing artwork that is dealing with contemporary issues and you are in the Advanced levels of making art.

  • What are you being challenged with?
  • How is this DIFFICULT?
  • What did you take away form last weeks Mid-Crit?
  • How are you moving forward?

Here is the ASSIGNMENT: Figurative Art!

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Handbook Cover Design – then we finish the PHOTO BOOKS

HE HANDBOOK COVER – this week we are cranking up our working habits and pushing to a fast deadline – welcome to the world of graphic design and deadlines – HARD AND FAST DEADLINES.

We are not in LIVERPOOL but… look at how the Mondrian Approach can be used!

While we do not live in Liverpool, the ideas of a layout are consistent wherever you live. Are you working:

  • Type Heavy?
  • Silhouette?
  • Mondrian?
  • What other ideas are you playing with?
  • HERE is a link for the 10 Basic Ideas.

HERE is the larger photography assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas.

Art Foundations: Collage – YEAH – and Poetry

We are beginning to work on our COLLAGES! This is a FUN activity that allows one to play with the SPACE and FORM in a way that is loose and free (or tight and specific). Let’s learn about Romare Bearden and Della Wells in the process.


Romare Bearden, Mills Hand Lunch Bucket

Intro to Painting: Plein Air art – We wrap up LANDSCAPE and WATERCOLORS and begin HAND BINDING BOOKS!

WIDEWALLS article on Plein Air and how it has advanced what we do as artists.

Japanese Stab Bound Books – We are going to be working in this direction so be ready to PAY ATTENTION!

The making of one’s own hand bound book can be a lot of fun and very rewarding so… be attentive to the process we are going to be teaching and work at making this a worthwhile project.

Watercolor or drawing paper is up to you.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: MONEY comes next… I mean LOGO Design Comes Next!

Logo Design this week That is what we are doing. What are your initial sketches?

Let’s look at the ideas that Paul Rand has about the creation of a strong logo and continue from there.

Paul Rand’s most famous and lasting designs (some of them)
  • “A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.”
  • “The only mandate in logo design is that they be distinctive, memorable and clear.”
  • “Presentation is key.”
  • “Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.”

LOGO Design is next and we have a commission – this is a first. If you are interested in earning $40 – put your best foot forward (and I will try to get a little more out of the deal for 2nd and 3rd place).

Logo Design Assignment

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