Thank you Artists. Thank you all for a great year. This is the end for the year so… what will the future hold?

While I have tried to teach you many techniques and ideas and rules… these are 10 that I personally feel are ESSENTIAL to put into your practice. Thank you Sister Mary Corita Kent for the guidance.

We are going to CRITIQUE and REFLECT and SURVEY in all the classes. I hope that this final semester was fulfilling and productive for you all.

Please keep in mind the 7 parts of our standards and how you have been aware and practicing them. These are how we, as artists, continue to become stronger artists in our studios and our practices – no matter what we do are where they are.

  • Planning / Ideation
  • Concept
  • Technique
  • Composition
  • Craftsmanship
  • Studio Habits
  • Critique

Keep making art. Make art over the summer. Make art for yourself about yourself and about the things that are important to you. Thank you all.

Advanced Painting: Critique and Cleaning

Advanced Digital Art: Photography Book Critique and Clean your Drive.

Art Foundations: Collage and Poetry – self assess!

Intro to Painting: Cleaning and Survey.

Intro to Digital Art: Survey and Clean your Drives.

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