Thanks for the hard and dedicated work! Now… I am back to teach and hover! Har Har.

What have you been up to? There is much to cover and look at. Let’s get the work out and we will step back and reflect. Donuts are on me.

Advanced Painting: Figurative work and a unique shaped canvas. Think about this and think about GEOMETRY! We are going to practice our math skills…

Narrative Painting Assignment with Mark Tansey as an impetus – look at the REALISM! We are going to work in OILS when we get back.

Alice Neel – One of America’s Greatest Portraitists

And this is where we are headed… Figurative Art! Be ready to PLAN and PAINT. BE PREPARED TO WORK! PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Alice Neel on the Modern Art Notes Podcast – GREAT INTERVIEW.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: RUBRIC and Portraits – BE READY TO THINK!

Mike Bailey-Gates: We have a GREAT number of portrait photographers out there… you are one of them. Let us see how we can push your skills at thinking about and setting up the idea of a strong portrait. THESE ARE NOT SNAPCHAT or SNAPSHOTS!


Lawrence Von Thomas

and Article / Interview – Primary Source Research! – What are 3 things you took away from this interview?

If You Leave on Tumbler
If You Leave: 96 Ways of Capturing “Perfect Loneliness” (4:17)

HERE is the assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas. There is a lot to learn. The Poster Assignment. I feel as though we have a RUBRIC coming up…

Art Foundations: The Still Life and Mark Making – Let’s look at a variety of ways to make marks.

2 point perspective – Disney storyboard… There is a career out there if you can get a strong understanding of the ideas of perspective.
What are your thoughts going to be about the still life you are going to be making? We are also going to look at the ideas of MARK MAKING!

Intro to Painting: Narrative ACRYLIC Paintings are moving along and we are critiquing – mid critiquing…

NARRATIVE PAINTING ASSIGNMENT – Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Let’s Use THIS link and you can choose your own Fairy Tale. Think about the imagery that comes to mind and work up a FEW sketches so you are READY TO ROLL with the painting when we come back.

  • What are the strengths of the piece?
  • Where are you still struggling with your painting?
  • What is the FOCAL POINT and how are you using the composition to draw the viewers eyes around the composition.

NEXT TIME… This is important to think about as we begin our last days of working.

  • Focal Point – where do your eyes go first?
  • Contrast – is there a good sense of light versus dark? Smooth versus textured?
  • Are your marks specific and intentional?
  • Flip it upside down and step back… what seems wrong? What stands out?
  • Finally – look at the edges of the picture plane and make sure that you are dealing with the edge, the corners, the sides?

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Time to CRITIQUE and then Print. Thank you for all the hard work… NEXT UP… Wait for it… Literature!

LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – This is where we are headed next. I want you to think about the necessity of LITERATURE in life. You are choosing the work to illustrate and you are going to choose to see how you choose to do that illustration. KNOW that you will have some text worked into the piece BUT… it is not something that has to look like a page from a book… We will talk more about this later. First let’s critique.

WORK OF ART – Judge a Book by its Cover – This is the first 45 minutes of our day two class so bring a snack!

Here in an illustration inspired by Mo Willems… What are you going to do with the upcoming assignment.

Make sure you consider your choice of literature? What is literature for you? We will go over the assignment first thing day one. Make sure you take the time to THINK ABOUT WHAT LITERATURE IS and how you can be inspired by it.

HERE is the LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – Let’s look it over first so that you can begin thinking about the assignment. Then we critique…

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