This Week In The Studio – You are WORKING on your own.

Thank you to everyone for giving me the confidence that the week will go by swimmingly. I have faith that the efforts in EVERYONE’S hands will be to create and work to the best of one’s ability and to be FOCUSED 98% of the time… (c’mon – I am not inflexible).

I had a GREAT time at ExpoChicago on Saturday and made a few videos to help you see how what WE do in the studio is based a lot on what is being done in art history (yes) but also in the world of CONTEMPORARY ART. (1,000,000 KORB Points for the first one to comment on what CONTEMPORARY means).

Below I have the videos and images for the ENTIRE WEEK so… if you want to see my inspiring words all at once – go ahead and binge the videos for your entire week… otherwise check them out as they drop in Google Classroom. (If you are NOT in my Google Classrooms and are a dedicated follower – BINGE AWAY.)

Advanced Painting: Narrative Oil Paintings

Day 1
Day 2

ALSO – the Modern Art Notes Podcast interview with Alex Bradley Cohen… Good Stuff.

Narrative Painting Assignment with Mark Tansey as an impetus – look at the REALISM! We are going to work in OILS when we get back.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Poster Design gets WRAPPED up and InDesign gets implemented.

Day 1
Day 2

HERE is the assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas. There is a lot to learn.

Art Foundations: So much going on with VALUE and SHADING and MARK MAKING

Day 1
Day 2

Intro to Painting: Narrative ACRYLIC Paintings are moving along

Day 1
Day 2
  • Mark Making
  • Brush Strokes
  • Composition
  • Techniques

NARRATIVE PAINTING ASSIGNMENT – Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Let’s Use THIS link and you can choose your own Fairy Tale. Think about the imagery that comes to mind and work up a FEW sketches so you are READY TO ROLL with the painting when we come back.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Adobe Illustrator and Architecture

Day 1
Day 2 – Link to this artists WEBSITE on their GALLERY PAGE – CHECK THIS STUFF OUT!

HERE is the assignment.

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