Deep into the process of making paintings – and then we are also beginning new works as well… it all depends on where you are. Ok? Ok.

Advanced Painting: We are beginning the Oil Paintings this week.

Listen to how Alex Bradley Cohen talks about this Alex Katz painting and how you are thinking about your composition(s).

“Mr. Fisk”, Alex Bradley Cohen, 2015, Acrylic on canvas
36 x 32 inches

ALSO – the Modern Art Notes Podcast interview with Alex Bradley Cohen… Good Stuff.

Narrative Painting Assignment with Mark Tansey as an impetus – look at the REALISM! We are going to work in OILS when we get back.

Get yourself in as often as possible this week to get our paintings begun. Think about the techniques that we are learning about and asking you to experience. These are important skills that need to be used in the process. MAKE SURE YOU ARE EXPERIMENTING and EXPLORING the techniques.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Poster Design! What can you make a poster about? Let’s talk DESIGN APPROACHES as well.

What is your style. what is your inspiration in the design of the poster? These are all questions that are important for you to consider as you are moving forward in the process.

HERE is the assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas. There is a lot to learn.

Art Foundations: Drawing: Positive and Negative Space, Values, Texture, and Mark Making

We are learning a lot of techniques with this artwork. Make sure that you are paying attention to the process and the steps we go through to learn about them. More importantly… we are learning a lot about what we can do in the future with our artwork that we will put into use down the road.

Positive and Negative Space – This is where we are going to start!

Intro to Painting: Acrylics and Techniques: Canvas Building and Drawing for Narrative Works

Dana Schutz

What is your composition about? How are you communicating that message in the composition (and what is strong about your composition AND what is the composition style you are choosing to work with)? Make sure you are paying close attention to this as you move forward… Sketch the imagery out and make good use of the entire picture plane… how are you filling the space? How are you using the space to tell a story, create the composition?

A painting of Little Red Riding Hood | © Carl Larsson – Bukowskis / WikiCommons

NARRATIVE PAINTING ASSIGNMENT – Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Let’s Use THIS link and you can choose your own Fairy Tale. Think about the imagery that comes to mind and work up a FEW sketches so you are READY TO ROLL with the painting when we come back.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Adobe Illustrator

WORK WEEK! We are really focused on the work we have in front of us. Make sure that you are focused on the style you have chosen. Illustration is a HUGE part of what we are teaching and learning here… so make sure that you are ILLUSTRATING your imagery to the strongest level you can.

HERE is the assignment.

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