Week 5! It is really hard to believe that we are THIS FAR into the final quarter and we still have SO much to do.


Advanced Painting: Do you have your unique shapes drawn for your canvases?

FINAL 2 DAYS TO PAINT on your Narrative Painting Assignment with Mark Tansey as an impetus – look at the REALISM! We are going to work in OILS when we get back.

Set your paintings up in the front of the classroom on the 6 easels and let’s take 5 minutes to look at them from afar. What stands out as needing work. What stands out as being successful. Stick notes in hand – write out a SOLID POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENT for each work.


From here we will be painting. How about the unique canvas shapes you have drawn? We are going to be MEASURING and SCALING THINGS UP as well as reading angles so… be prepared to do some geometry and algebra!

And this is where we are headed… Figurative Art! Be ready to PLAN and PAINT. BE PREPARED TO WORK! PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Alice Neel on the Modern Art Notes Podcast – GREAT INTERVIEW.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Photography and Adobe InDesign

HERE is the assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas. Make sure you have all of your photographs from last time in hand and ready to 1) edit in Photoshop and 2) insert into Adobe InDesign. This is a series of works you are going to have to create MOSTLY outside of class and then edit mostly INSIDE of class – so BALANCE your time wisely. We have 3 more weeks on this entire work so be ready to WORK!

Art Foundations: The Still Life and Mark Making – Let’s look at a variety of ways to make marks.

Mr. Korb’s CLOSED COMPOSITION… you are doing an OPEN COMPOSITION. How is that DIFFERENT?

Intro to Painting: We have VERY little time to work… one day in and whatever you need at night. We CRITIQUE midweek!


NARRATIVE PAINTING ASSIGNMENT – Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Let’s Use THIS link and you can choose your own Fairy Tale. Think about the imagery that comes to mind and work up a FEW sketches so you are READY TO ROLL with the painting when we come back.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Time to CRITIQUE and then Print. Thank you for all the hard work… NEXT UP… Wait for it… Literature!


WORK OF ART – Judge a Book by its Cover – This is the first 45 minutes of our day two class so bring a snack! – Give me a moment to get this up to speed…

What LITERATURE have you brought to work on? We are going to look at and share the ideas of the works of art with Mr. Korb as we begin. HOWEVER… let’s be inspred for 40 minutes by artists who are making art for a BOOK COVER. Pay attention to those who have READ THE BOOKS and those who have NOT READ THE BOOKS (prepared and not prepared). I want YOU to be prepared.

LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – This is where we are headed next. I want you to think about the necessity of LITERATURE in life. You are choosing the work to illustrate and you are going to choose to see how you choose to do that illustration. KNOW that you will have some text worked into the piece BUT… it is not something that has to look like a page from a book… We will talk more about this later. First let’s critique.

HERE is the LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – Let’s look it over first so that you can begin thinking about the assignment. Then we critique…

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