THANK YOU FOLLOWERS! 12 Years (or so) and only one year that really fell apart. So… What do you have planned for ART MAKING this week? In many cases it is a continuation of the work from last week, in some it is BRAND NEW… Where are you in the mix?

Advanced Painting: POP ART and YOU! Gouache – how are you using the medium to communicate the message?

11 Female Artists Who Left Their Mark on Pop Art to investigate and BUILD OUR ASSIGNMENT AROUND! – Great VIMEO Video HERE.

  • The questions about your plans remain:
    • Who is your artist
      • Why?
    • What are your initial plans?
    • Derivation?
    • Style of?
    • What else?

POP Art Assignment is HERE – and in Google Classroom. DUE – Tuesday April 15. Then onto Mark Tansey and Narrative Storytelling.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Using your own images and ideas to make the strongest work yet!

Photo Manipulation is the assignment – start thinking about the ideas and use the link (in the beginning of this sentence) as a starting point for your ideas.

Master of Digital Manipulation, Erik Johansson, and the inspiration for our work…

  • What are Contrasts?
  • What is Social Commentary?
  • What is important to you?
  • What do you ENJOY / DISLIKE?
  • What is Photography?
  • What STORY can you tell?
  • What is legal as you use other people’s images?

Art Foundations – Critique and then CLAY! Woo Hoo!

Pueblo Art – Khan Academy

Ceramics is going to be PLANNED OUT in the sketchbook – so let’s take a look at the assignment early – then we critique our watercolors.

Intro to Painting: Acrylics and Techniques: Analytic Cubism

George Braque and Analytical Cubism – TATE Definition

This VIDEO will stay up. It is IMPORTANT. Assignment and Technique Sheet is HERE.

Let’s Sit Back and REALLY WATCH THIS VIDEO. Take out your sketchbooks and begin to make notes about the ideas behind Analytic Cubism.

Are you all planned out and drawn up to the canvas? Remember the TECHNIQUES? These are going to be ESSENTIAL in the process – make sure you are using a variety so that you can create a successful composition!

  • Opaque Object (non transparent.
  • Transparent Object (see through)
  • Reflective Object
  • Matte Object
  • Round Object
  • Flat Sided Object
  • Fabric (for folds and setting up the still life)
  • Something with Pattern

Monday / Lunes

  • Simplifica la imagen usando objetos básicos
  • Aspecto de múltiples puntos de vista (frontal, lateral, superior) todos en la misma imagen
  • Uso de planos superpuestos (áreas planas/geometría)
  • Dibujar ideas en el cuaderno de bocetos
  • Transferir ideas al lienzo
  • Use varias técnicas de aplicación de pintura para pintar su trabajo

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Photography, Art History, Contemporary Changes with Technology


How is YOUR progress? We are working on the BRUSH TOOL and the LAYERS. Make sure you are playing with a WIDE VARIETY of BRUSHES and make DARN TOOTING sure you are labeling you layers. Got it? Good.

What do you need to do this week to FINISH THIS PAINTING THIS WEEK!

DUE – Tuesday March 8. Then onto Adobe Illustrator!

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