Back to the Basics – ART is ESSENTIAL in the basics and we are going to get back to it! Go Make Art!

Advanced Painting: POP art to communicate a message about contemporary times.

11 Female Artists Who Left Their Mark on Pop Art to investigate and BUILD OUR ASSIGNMENT AROUND! – Great VIMEO Video HERE.

  • The questions about your plans remain:
    • Who is your artist
      • Why?
    • What are your initial plans?
    • Derivation?
    • Style of?
    • What else?

POP Art Assignment is HERE – and in Google Classroom. DUE – Tuesday April 15.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Photo Manipulation and Opposites

Photo Manipulation is the assignment – start thinking about the ideas and use the link (in the beginning of this sentence) as a starting point for your ideas.

Opposites (in simple forms) with frank Lloyd Wright and a children’s book.

Master of Digital Manipulation, Erik Johansson, and the inspiration for our work…

  • What are Contrasts?
  • What is Social Commentary?
  • What is important to you?
  • What do you ENJOY / DISLIKE?
  • What is Photography?
  • What STORY can you tell?
  • What is legal as you use other people’s images?

Art Foundations – Abstraction of Our Own Imagery with Watercolors and TECHNIQUES

HERE is the Watercolor Assignment and make sure you are paying attention to the second part of the assignment.

What’s your color scheme?

Abstract Art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

Non-objective art defines a type of abstract art that is usually, but not always, geometric and aims to convey a sense of simplicity and purity

Intro to Painting: Acrylics and Techniques: Analytic Cubism

This VIDEO will stay up. It is IMPORTANT. Assignment and Technique Sheet is HERE.

Let’s Sit Back and REALLY WATCH THIS VIDEO. Take out your sketchbooks and begin to make notes about the ideas behind Analytic Cubism.

While we wait for the underpainting to dry, let’s watch the second 10 minutes or so as Mr. DeAustine begins to paint.

  • Opaque Object (non transparent.
  • Transparent Object (see through)
  • Reflective Object
  • Matte Object
  • Round Object
  • Flat Sided Object
  • Fabric (for folds and setting up the still life)
  • Something with Pattern

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Photography, Art History, Contemporary Changes with Technology


  • Open your Photoshop document.
  • Make Screen Shots of your image with and without the original photograph as a part of it.
    • 2 Screen Shots will be made
  • Go to Google Classroom
  • Find our assignment
  • Open the MID CRIT Google Presentation
  • Duplicate the slide that says DUPLICATE ME
  • Insert BOTH of the images
    • Left: Image WITH the Photograph
    • Right: Image withOUT the Photograph.
      • There might be a lot of empty space in this one… That’s OK!
    • What types of BRUSHES have I been using
    • What have been my biggest struggles?
    • What have been my biggest success?
    • One more thing that you can say that I am not asking.

How is YOUR progress? We are working on the BRUSH TOOL and the LAYERS. Make sure you are playing with a WIDE VARIETY of BRUSHES and make DARN TOOTING sure you are labeling you layers. Got it? Good.

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