It’s a B week so… TODAY is a day later. Welcome to A day! Pop into it and look at the world in a NEW WAY!

Advanced Painting – Gouache, Gouache, and More Gouache… POP into it!

POP Art Assignment is HERE – and in Google Classroom.

Rosalyn Drexler
The Dream, 1963
Garth Greenan Gallery

What’s Bob Rauschenberg have to say about POP and the OBJECTS?

What does the TATE Museum have to say about POP?

HERE are some others to look at and BUILD OUR ASSIGNMENT AROUND!

Advanced Digital Art and Photography – Doodle for Google DUE – What is next?

Photo Manipulation is coming up next! HERE is the assignment – start thinking about the ideas and use the link (in the beginning of this sentence) as a starting point for your ideas.

Use your OWN IMAGES! Plan. Make Photographs. PLAN THIS OUT FOLKS!

Art Foundations – Abstraction of Our Own Imagery with Watercolors

HERE is the Watercolor Assignment What is the COLOR SCHEME that Joan Mitchell used in this composition?

Let’s REVIEW the second part of this assignment. By the way… MANY OF YOU have not uploaded the techniques and color schemes… Let’s do that NOW!

Intro to Painting: Acrylics and Techniques: Analytic Cubism

Assignment and Technique Sheet is HERE.

Let’s Sit Back and REALLY WATCH THIS VIDEO. Take out your sketchbooks and begin to make notes about the ideas behind Analytic Cubism.

After we have watched this video – and you have got your photographs ready (or the still life in front of you) we will begin to plan out the imagery. Start with photos and then sketches – don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT and ABSTRACT!

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: Photography, Art History, Contemporary Changes with Technology Edward Hopper – One of Mr. Korb’s FAVORITES!

How is the PROGRESS? We are working on the BRUSH TOOL and the LAYERS. Make sure you are playing with a WIDE VARIETY of BRUSHES and make DARN TOOTING sure you are labeling you layers. Got it? Good. Next Week MID CRIT!

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