#WAEAStateConvention and Korb will be out for TWO DAYS! Use your best #StudioHabits as you make your best #Art!

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~ Neil Gaiman

2021 WAEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year

2021 WAEA Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year

Intro to Painting – Binding and Painting in AcrylicsSPHERES!


This is where we are headed.

We are wrapping up the binding of the books and completing TWO RUBRICS: One for the paintings and the other for the book. Please use your time wisely to make sure these get done. Homework? In the Studio?

We are going to begin to use ACRYLIC PAINTS as well and the first SERIES of paintings are going to be based on you watching me online and following along. Each painting will take some time so do not think you will be done in the 30 minutes the video takes. Be prepared to work and experiment and work and reflect. These skills are the foundation for all the paintings you will make from here on out.

This is where we will go to for the next week or so – after the books are done.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Art History and Adobe Illustrator – Hilma Af Klint!

CRITIQUE: Make sure you are ready to speak about the work – an elevator pitch – 30 seconds to 1 minute to explain your work. Take the time to think about the skills you are developing. Think about the challenges that you are overcoming with this process. Tell us about the work and where it came from. Tell us about the tools and the skills you developed. Tell us about the challenges you had and how you overcame them. This work is TIME and TOOLS… how are you using and preparing for the time we have together?

Next: Hilma Af Klint and Adobe Illustrator – there is a lot to learn and it is a NEW APPROACH to making the works… Be Patient. BE PATIENT!

We are wrapping up the critiques of the Portraits inspired by Art History. Then we move into Adobe Illustrator. The first EXPERIMENT will be using – ART HISTORY. Investigate Hilma Auf Klint and find one of her works that you truly enjoy. We are going to be thinking about the shapes that she used and building it up using AI.

  • Layers
  • Gradients
  • Colors
  • Similarities and Differences between Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Assignment is HERE (and in Google Classroom)

Art Foundations – One and Two Point Perspective and the Still Life!

The Value Scales, the Spheres and Polyhedrons are DONE and now we are working on the idea of perspective. How is your understanding?

After we have all finished these videos we will then begin to think about and develop the ideas of the still life. Make sure you have all the necessary objects for the work. This is important because YOU ARE GOING TO WORK ON THIS FOR SOME TIME! This is going to be all about the placements, the space, the marks, the positive and negative space, the values, the composition. This is YOUR WORK – not mine.

We ARE looking at the Italian Artist Giorgio Morandi

  • Blocks
  • Small jar / cup
  • Circular / spherical objects
  • Reflective objects
  • Transparent and opaque objects
  • Piece of fabric with pattern (dots, stripes, plaid… patterns)
  • Some small things that you can carry with you or set up in front of you and are not fragile. 4 or 5 objects total.

Pay attention to everything that is in the still life – lighting is part of it as well.

This is where we are headed.
  • Still Life Examples:
    • One – Art Foundations
    • Two – Drawing
    • Three Shoes – Art Foundations

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