#AuthenticObsessions -Frank Korb

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This doesn’t happen often – TWO POSTS in ONE WEEK! It is a busy week. If you are looking for this weeks LESSONS and PLANS for the Classroom Studio… Scroll below.

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Frank Korb – Planning & Preparing Materials

Patient, purposeful and persistent, high school arts educator and abstract painter Frank Korb is fascinated with building frames, stretching canvases, and preparing his materials. Frank focuses on the formal elements and principles of art and the push and pull of relationships. Frank starts each work by laying down bible pages to add texture and text. Frank is in his studio every day, often spending only 45 minutes each session, but his persistence pays off!

Disclaimer: If you are listening to this podcast as a student, parent or guardian of Mr. Korb’s remember that this is Frank Korb the artist speaking not Mr. Korb the teacher. The ideas and beliefs presented in the podcast are not the same as what is taught in the classroom.

https://authentic-obsessions.simplecast.com/episodes/frank-korb-planning-preparing-materials https://www.authenticobsessions.com/

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