#Creativity and #WorkHabits… how are yours? Let’s see as we #work on work and #critiques… and #VALUESCALES!

“Creativity is a Habit, and the Best Creativity is the Result of Good Work Habits.” Twyla Tharp https://businessinrhyme.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/tharp.jpg

Intro to Painting – Book Binding and Plein Air Paintings

This week we are painting and / or BUILDING our books. Remember that this is a process and that we are learning how to do this. The steps are many, the measurements are important, and the skills developed are lifelong. Please pay attention to the instructions and demos. The image above allows you to see that there are MANY approaches to the binding style… I make it simple and give just a few. You have options so allow yourself that time to think about it.

HERE is the assignment!

Keep thinking about COMPOSITION and the Elements and Principles as you design and plan your paintings.

We wrap up the painting this week and the books as well… I hope. This will be a great series of works to look back upon in the near and distant future.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Photoshop and Art History and Portraits.

Art At Home in the days of the Covid 19 Pandemic gave a lot of time for art history! Thanks pandemic!

We are CRITIQUING our Self Portraits in the style of a masterpiece this week and then moving into LOGO Design and Adobe Illustrator. The use of Illustrator is EQUALLY as important as Photoshop. IT used DIFFERENT skills and similar tools. BE PATIENT with yourself as we work through the challenges that it entails.

Make sure you are ready to speak about the work – an elevator pitch – 30 seconds to 1 minute to explain your work. Take the time to think about the skills you are developing. Think about the challenges that you are overcoming with this process. Tell us about the work and where it came from. Tell us about the tools and the skills you developed. Tell us about the challenges you had and how you overcame them. This work is TIME and TOOLS… how are you using and preparing for the time we have together?

Art Foundations – Value, Space, Mark Making and now… PERSPECTIVE!

Note how Donald Sultan uses the negative space and positive space in new and unique ways? How are you understanding the ideas of Negative and Positive Space?

DO YOU HAVE YOUR VALUE SCALES DONE? I will be coming around during work time as you continue to work on your positive negative compositions to assess and evaluate as IDEATION / PLANNING stages to the still life. Are you willing to plan? Are you willing to come up with NEW IDEAS? I hope so.

Everything that you have known about space and marks and values has been challenged and we are going to continue to challenge that this week. Wrapping up the ideas of the Positive and Negative space compositions is one thing but we are also – and you are also – going to be working on the ideas of PERSPECTIVE. Sit back and buckle up – the videos will walk you through the processes and you will ALSO become pros in the ideas of one and two point perspective… ALL of this adds up to larger things.

What Else?

  • Still Life Examples:
    • One – Art Foundations
    • Two – Drawing
    • Three Shoes – Art Foundations

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