We are pretty deep into the quarter. #Assessments are in and #work is continuing. What are you doing to crush those #standards and #expectations?

#17 Drawing is About Mark Making “Every mark has a distinct character and quality.Every mark is a signature. Variations in pressure and weight is the visual equivalent of intonation. Marks, or lines, of consistent weight or thickness surrounding a figure or object will flatten the image. Tapering or breaking a line in a curve can connote a highlight or make the curve flow. Also, a tentative line will read as such. Give every mark or line authority and make sure it serves a purpose. Try to use only the marks you need.” 101 Things Learned in Art School, Kit White, 2011, MIT Press

Intro to Painting – Book Binding and Plein Air Paintings

Did you get the TWO ADDITIONAL PAINTINGS done over the weekend? One day this week we will talk about the book and take a break form the painting – get started on cutting the covers. Then we will finish with a day of painting so we can assemble the books next week. You need to have 8 – 12 paintings finished and ready to go for next week (12 is better than 8).

HERE is the assignment!

Keep thinking about COMPOSITION and the Elements and Principles as you design and plan your paintings.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Photoshop and Art History and Portraits.

This week – week 3 in the process – is about finishing up the portrait. There is a lot that you need to consider. Think about the photograph you made but also consider the original painting / artwork that you worked up from. How can you include the ideas of the negative space, the brushwork, the textures into the final “painting” of yours?

Critique first thing next week – self assessment as well. This work will be modifying the assessment scale to a 4 point scale to help transition into a TRUE standards based class. I want to help you understand this process.

Make sure you are ready to speak about the work – an elevator pitch – 30 seconds to 1 minute to explain your work. Take the time to think about the skills you are developing. Think about the challenges that you are overcoming with this process.

Art Foundations – Values and Space and Mark Making

Value and mark making is out plan for the week. Make sure you have your tools ready to for the work ahead of us. This is ALL IN PLANNING for the upcoming still life experience where you will be exploring ALL of the techniques that we have used. Hatching and cross-hatching are looking a little shaky right now… as is stippling – we will work on that together.

Positive and Negative space are a true struggle for many artists and it is important to know how to work with them together as we work through our compositions. We will be going outside and working with nature / trees in tack or branches we find on the ground to develop our understanding of how space works.

Some Simple Examples are HERE!

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