The #artworks are moving forward and becoming VERY #personal.

Chuck Close “What difference does it make whether you’re looking at a photograph or looking at a still life in front of you? You still have to look.”

Chuck Close 1940 – 2021

Intro to Painting

Paul Cezanne: Mont. St. Victoire

The goals and expectations for our days outside are to create at least one work of art every day that we are outside. Your job over the upcoming weekend is to make two artworks.

HERE is the assignment!

Before we do anything OUTSIDE – we desperately need to talk about COMPOSITION again…

Intro to Digital Art and Photography

Masterpiece in Photography and Photoshop. What is the masterpiece you have begun? Who inspires you enough to make a photograph based on and then invest the time to make it into a painted photoshop image?

“Boy with a basket of fruit”, Caravaggio - remake by Guido Ricci

“Boy with a basket of fruit”, Caravaggio – remake by Guido Ricci

Mid-Critique during the second day of the week! Make sure you are ready to speak about the work that you are making. Take the time to think about the skills you are developing. Think about the challenges that you are overcoming with this process.

Art Foundations

In addition to Collage and Poetry, we are begining the ideas and techniques in VALUE and SHADING.

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