Staying One Day Ahead of the Kids Can Leave Me WEEKS Behind in Posts

That is the state of this site for now. The virtual classes are keeping the mind away from the posting of what’s been happening. Things are moving forward well however. A lot of drawing being done, a lot a TON of Art History being covered, and the ideas of a series of works is something that my students are either understanding or have at least experienced.

A small Art Foundations Demonstration of Shadows…

Books and watercolor paintings have been the focus of the Painting class and while we begin collage today… the series of paintings has given them a larger grouping of works that they should be proud of. I hope the books come to e on Thursday.

Digital Arts and Photography have made 36 (or more) solid photographs that have explored the ideas of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design as well as ways in which COMPOSITION dominates the work we do.

Art Foundations has DRAWN and DRAWN and DRAWN… and now we begin a drawing. Our first still life as we study the work of Giorgio Morandi. Sketches and thumbnails and techniques have abounded!

APAH – AHHHHH! Thousands of years in 6 weeks. I need to plan a test now.

Thank you for all the Arts Support. I wish I had kids work to share right now but the works are not in hand yet… Here is a drawing of mine from Art Foundations… the kids are just as nice.

Stay Safe – Mask Up – 6 Feet!


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