About a month of no posts… Thanks for the patience.

Hard to believe that this site was populated DAILY for YEARS and now… not as much. The pandemic has truly changed the way the world works. In person this was the place to begin classes. Now. Google Classroom and a very thorough Google Document of Lesson Plans has been the launching pad.

Thank you parents for working to help keep the kids engaged as we work to do the same. Thank you students for showing up (screens off in more cases than not but…) and trying SO hard to stay engaged. It is tough. I hear you. Thank you teachers for continuing to demonstrate the care and concern for all the kids you are seeing – virtually or in real life.

Thank you all.

What have WE been up to? Still Life Drawings, Collages, Watercolors, Digital Portraits and Photographs… and THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF AP ART HISTORY.


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