And We’re Virtual…

As with most predictions for many school districts, the SDFA has gone virtual for a while now. We will be operating from our classrooms or homes and the education will continue. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate the time we spend and the importance we place on our own education. Think about that opportunity. It is going to be a difficult transaction for sure for some, but as we have all been saying since the beginning – we are all in this together.


What does it look like? We MUST be in our classes. It is MANDATORY to be here. You MUST be attending class through the ZOOM platform (or whatever your teacher is using). BE THERE.

A class schedule will be going out so keep an eye on the email.

My classes will run the SAME AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE! We have a lot to do and the time we have will be the same. Begin in the Google Classroom and work from the DAILY ASSIGNMENT PAGE! Find the right date and go from there.

Art Foundations: VALUE SCALES and Mark Making

Digital Art and Photography: The Compositional Approach to making Photographs – Photos and the Google Presentation Research Project

Painting: Plein Air – Go Outside and PAINT!

AP Art History: The Ancient Mediterranean and the like – I am working HARD and FAST to get this going smoothly.

Questions, Comments, Concerns… EMAIL ME!

Here are a couple of ART FOUNDATIONS videos to help entertain you and tech you about the use of a RULER and the application of VALUES!

Stay Safe – Mask Up – Register to Vote! (National Voter Registration Day!)


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