Welcome to Week 3 and Monday is Back to School Night!

Welcome back to school and to week 3. It’s about time that ALL of us are now in the midst of making and learning about the making of art.

  • Art Foundations is getting into the creation of our Art Elements and Principles Art Trading Cards.
  • Intro to Digital Art and Photography are also working on the ideas of the Elements and Principles with a photography unit of the same nature.
  • Intro to Painting is developing some techniques in watercolors and then we are off to the outdoors to paint a series of works based on the practice of Plein Air (out of doors) painting.
  • Finally – AP Art History is going back in time to 26,000 BCE to study the Paleolithic and Mesolithic time periods as we look into where humanity and the arts all started from.

Monday night is Back to School Night and from 5:30 – 7:30 PM parents and students alike are welcome to visit me via ZOOM and see the inside of my home studio and ask questions about the courses we have to offer.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you have a great week. Stay Safe, Mask Up, Make Art!

Frank Korb

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