Friday Art Lunch Bunch: #TedOrland #ArtAndFear #FrankKorb

Sit back and enjoy the FIRST, the INAUGURAL Friday Art Lunch Bunch gathering with Ted Orland. Ted is a photographer based out of California with a wealth of knowledge and experience. A great conversation about the ideas of ISOLATION and all we are coping with. Sit back, grab your lunch, and join us in the recording of Friday Art Lunch Lunch with Ted Orland. Next week – Brett Roberts ceramicist.

Art Foundations: Color Schemes!

Birk and the Color Wheel
  1. Introduction to COLOR SCHEMES and review HANDOUTS. This is ALL REVIEW from some point in life.
  2. Explanation of DIGITAL ART assignment 
    1. 1 Strong photograph of your own Color Wheel using Objects in your home.
    2. 3 photographs of COLOR SCHEMES you find naturally in life. You can choose from ANY of the color schemes we talked about or that are on the page HERE.

Intro to Drawing: Positive and Negative Space

  1. Introduction to Positive Space and Negative Space. Let’s talk about the video to watch below and then go over the process with REAL OBJECTS and PHOTOGRAPHS.
  2. A. Gather up a wonderfully interesting branch from the GROUND – DO NOT PICK IT OFF OF A TREE.
    1. Set it against a white or solid colored surface.
    2. Look at the NEGATIVE SPACE – not the branches themselves but the space between the branches.
  3. B. Make a photograph looking up into a tree with bare branches.
    1. REPEAT the process by using the photograph as your reference material.
  4. REPEAT the drawing process two more times – once with branches, once with a photograph. AT LEAST 4 well observed drawings.
  5. UPLOAD to the NEW Google Slide and explain the challenges that you had and the successes as well.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: What is it to be QUARANTINED?

Carry Out – Nope CURB SIDE – Put that mask on properly!
  1. Introduction to Photography and the use of the Elements and Principles as well as how to compose a strong Photograph
  2. Explanation of DIGITAL ART assignment 
    1. 3 Strong Photographs that speak to what it is to be YOU during this time of isolation / quarantine / 6 feet apart.
    2. A brief explanation of the CONCEPT of your work in the slide show. 

UPLOAD to the NEW Google Slide and explain the concept that you have in your photographs.

Compositional Styles in Photography

Intro to Painting: Edward Hopper and Loneliness

Edward Hopper Drawing of Study for Morning Sun:
Edward Hopper Drawing of Study for Morning Sun:
  1. Edward Hopper and his works. The loneliness that his works have illustrated and depicted. Sometimes they are people in rooms together but they are generally apart.
  2. Sketches and IDEAS for the time.

Let’s go over the assignment sheet HERE.

Edward Hopper Resources:

Advanced Painting: Fauvism or YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

  1. Sketches for NEXT painting – FAUVISM Part II – OR – Your own painting based on the style or technique YOU ARE INTERESTED IN
  2. NOTE – Sometimes it is easier for a young (or old) artist to be successful when they are given a specific direction to travel with their work. If following my instructions helps you succeed – use them. If you choose to follow your own path… Great!
  3. Please PLAN before you move into the painting. This week’s assignment will be the PLANNING stages – the sketches. 
    1. This doesn’t mean you can’t begin the final painting… it just means that the planning is the assignment to turn in.

Read the instruction sheet HERE.

Thanks for the following and staying on top of one’s own COVID-19 Quarantine. STAY AT HOME! While the posting seems to have died down QUITE A BIT over the past 3 weeks, know full well that the educating hasn’t. The initial intent of was to help share out ideas and resources to EVERYONE. It has done that as well as being a launching pad for all of the daily classes in the classroom. Well… we’re not there anymore.

As with EVERYONE we are all teaching out of our own homes and studios right now. I’ve switched all of the digital day to day to Google Classrrom – which stinks for the sharing of ideas. The time it takes to update… in the classroom it is all set, for the home studio, as you may or may not know, it takes a lot longer.

Thank you for following and supporting the ideas.

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