#Week 7! Holy Moly!

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~ Neil Gaiman

CLASSES? Still looking to fill some space? There is a need for Advanced Painting Artists, Advanced Sculpture, and AP Art History! SIGN UP NOW! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! TELL YOUR ENEMIES – Let’s get these classes FILLED. If you DON’T DO IT NOW, you can’t do it later!

Art Foundations: Still Life of SHOES!

Dennis Mogelgaard http://www.artnet.com/WebServices/images/ll01006lld8noGFgFaECfDrCWvaHBOcKy8C/dennis-mogelgaard-white-bowl-with-apple-and-books.jpg
  • G: 2.1P: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • A: WE NEED SHOES for WEDNESDAY! Bring them in ASAP PLEASE! What technique have you learned when it comes to draw something in 3 dimensions? What are different techniques you know?
  • G: What is ONE thing you are CERTAIN you did successfully with your drawing today? What is ONE THING you are CERTAIN you need to focus on in order to create a more realistic / successfully accurate observation drawith tomorrow

Intro to Painting: Acrylic Paintings PREP and Planning

Jude Rae https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/jude-rae-painting-3.jpg?w=525
  • G: 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • A: Acrylic Painting Techniques. Now we begin with acrylic paintings. What objects have you brought in today for the still life. We are going to prep our canvas with a light coat of color to start with and then we will be working in the sketchbooks to create thumbnails for the final composition (we may do a few as we are going to study a number of techniques). Jude Rae is the artist we are going to explore for a while here. Let’s take a look at her works.
  • G: What are your thoughts about the works you have sketched out today?

Advanced Painting: CRITIQUE! FOOD!

How will we CRITIQUE?
  • G: 4.2Ad: Critique, justify, and present choices in the process of analyzing, selecting, curating, and presenting artwork for a specific exhibit or event.
  • A: What do you feel about talking aloud when it comes to other’s works? What are your thoughts about why you may be apprehensive or confident when discussing other individual’s work?
  • G: What were 3 things that you took away from today’s critique?

Intro to Digital Art: Logo and InDesign

Letterhead, etc…
  • G: 7.1Ac: Recognize and describe personal aesthetic and empathetic responses to the natural world and constructed environments.
  • A: What do you need to do in order to make this logo design work in 3 ways? Letters Only, Words Only, an the COMBINATION MARK (and also the SYMBOL / ICON – 4 ways I guess. What will you do to be ready to combine it with a partner in the process?
  • G: What are you HAPPIEST with regarding your designs? What is it about them that you see as working SPECIFICALLY with the PAUL RAND ideas from last time?

Advanced Digital Art: Photography and Series.

Let’s watch the first video together and then you can watch more on your own.
  • G: 1.2Ac: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design.
  • A: What challenges are you having in developing AUTHENTIC photographs? Are you able to develop a SERIES of works that are OBVIOUSLY part of a single theme, single train of thought? Share your slideshow with your neighbor and have a conversation about all the images. Strongest? WHY? Least Strong? WHY?
  • G: What new tools, ideas, themes have you developed with your images? We are going to work out 5 VERY strong images from the 20 that you have pulled together.
Edward Weston:

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