#NotWellToday? Read on to see the plans.

Georgia O’Keeffe for Look Magazine: https://cdn10.bostonmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/10/GOKeeffemain.jpg

Take a read of ARTSY’s new article How to be an Artist, According to Georgia O’Keeffe – HERE. It is a good lesson for everyone – read on your own time.

Stained Glass: Friday Due Date

You are all working on your first ten pieces for the second panel construction. You should have 10 pieces cut and ground and fitting tight for tomorrow – end of class – 20 points total (2 pts each piece). I expect all 10 pieces to be foiled for MONDAY – 10 points. All of this will be checked when we have 10 minutes left in class on Friday. Closed toed shoes and safety glasses are a must. I enjoy you all and you work well on their own, be self-sufficient.

CIaD: Laundry List today

OPEN GOOGLE CLASSROOM for today’s assignments – HERE it is also – but you still need to be in Google Classroom.

Drawing: WORK time and SKETCHBOOKS – German Expressionism

Portraits are your assignment. You should be self driven to work on the final drawings for the German Expressionism artwork. I insist that you have your photographs and reference images in front of you as you work. You HAVE to be looking at things as you draw. This is a MUST. Sketchbooks – Self assess your works on Pages 14 and 15 in the handbooks and at the end of the hour stack them up on the kitchen table – zigzag style.

AP Studio Art

Concentration – you know what you need to do. I ask that you have the same focus you had with the figure drawing from last week. Some of you will – some will not. I encourage you to be focused. I will check your sketchbooks FRIDAY.

Advanced Drawing: Abstraction

Abstraction on brown paper with charcoal and pastels. You are is in the throws of it all. You know where all the supplies are and that you need to be working. Some of you are talkative and social butterflies so I am keeping an eye on you. Some of you are in the hallway as we are running out of room in the studio so be aware of your space and check on one another every now and again. Please clean up with 6 minutes so they can get the space back in order and the like. CHAIRS UP!

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