#Friday – Good day to be #Outside / #PleinAir – #AP Scores! Woo Hoo!

AP Studio Scores are in – I am impressed with the results.  9 / 10 3’s or better. Excellent year of art production!

HOMEWORK on MONDAY! Looking at and researching artists is an IMPORTANT way to learn about the past and develop your own skills for the future. This is not a huge task folks… it is fun research. Remember… you are in Summer Studio NOT because you WANT to earn the .25 credit but to be a stronger artist. This is how it happens.

SUMMER STUDIO WEEK 3: This was a very productive week for having only 3 days to be in studio. I am proud of the dedicated work these artists are putting forth. 3 hours is a good chunk of time to commit to the creation of artwork in the field (I am certain that some of them would like to have that during the regular studio time in the school year). These are photos from the week – Enjoy!


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