#Friday – Enough Said.

Ted Kruzan TED Talk: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/cms/binary/8032880.jpg?size=620x400s
Ted Kruzan TED Talk: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/cms/binary/8032880.jpg?size=620x400s

Shane Koyczan – TED Talk “To This Day”... for the Bullied and Beautiful… “If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that makes you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.”

Drawing: Nest Critiques – GRADES will be coming FAST!

9.1Ac: Determine the relevance of criteria used by others to evaluate a work of art or collection of works.

Let’s finish this critique up. Get the work up in front of us and you lead the way. KORB will sit and listen… Keep time Korb.

SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK - What have you got to say? http://blog-imgs-50.fc2.com/a/f/g/afg2/The-critique-Group.jpg
SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK – What have you got to say? http://blog-imgs-50.fc2.com/a/f/g/afg2/The-critique-Group.jpg

Ok. Your LAST Set of works begins tomorrow. BE ready to work. http://blog-imgs-50.fc2.com/a/f/g/afg2/The-critique-Group.jpg

Studio Art 360: CLAY – Make a Slab and then a cylinder.

1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design. 10.1P: Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas.

What do you currently know about using CLAY?

Slab of Clay made into a vase / holder: https://andymac1976dotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/dsc_0271.jpg

Here are the ideas for Final Product in the next assignment – you will have to use the same technique but with multiple solutions to the challenges – BRIGHT COLORS and GLAZES – Multiple Ideas – Clay Cup / Mug (Pinch Pot, Coils?) Animal Sculpture (look at historical ideas – REALLY OLD sculpture – stuff), Post Modern – Neo-Pop Keith Haring and other 3D Works – Bright Colors etc… 

Advanced Drawing: 50 SoP WORK 

6.1Ac: Make, explain, and justify connections between artists or artwork and social, cultural, and political history.

SFMoMA VIDEO on Felix Gonzales-Torres

This is the LAST WEEK on this drawing – I think we are LONG past the original time it was planned for. That’s OK – BUT – WHAT DO YOU REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON TO BE READY FOR MONDAY’S CRITIQUE? Seriously… CRIT on MONDAY!

Felix Gonzales-Torres: http://dbprng00ikc2j.cloudfront.net/work/image/46284/slide/Communication_Breakdown_Felix_Gonzalez_Torres__Christopher_Wool_untitled_693_118.jpg
Felix Gonzales-Torres: http://dbprng00ikc2j.cloudfront.net/work/image/46284/slide/Communication_Breakdown_Felix_Gonzalez_Torres__Christopher_Wool_untitled_693_118.jpg

Were you able to get 3 things accomplished today that help you see you are on the right path for completion? Is there a good amount of work to finish? STAY ON TASK 

Felix Gonzalez – Torres BIO: http://www.andrearosengallery.com/artists/felix-gonzalez-torres/images

AP Studio Art: Concentration PLAN and REFLECT

2.2Ad: Demonstrate understanding of the importance of balancing freedom and responsibility in the use of images, materials, tools, and equipment in the creation and circulation of creative work.

How do you see the growth of your work? What are two things that you see as STRONG developments as you have moved forward?

WHAT’s the Assignment? If you need another 1, 2, or 3 concentration works – this is your assignment (one at the minimum). You will have your WEBSITE updated with 12 concentration works – PERIOD. You will rework your statements and answers to the AP Questions… ALL DUE on MARCH 30 for CRITIQUE & PRESENTATION.

What's the big idea: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/728663600877834241/B4pmoeUE.jpg
What’s the big idea: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/728663600877834241/B4pmoeUE.jpg

End of the day – one more day in class. How many more pieces do you need to get through for this batch of 3 concentration works? \

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