#FourMoreDays to #BREAK

#20 “Clear sight makes clear art.” Observation lies at the heart of the art process. Whether your art derives from mimicking nature or extrapolating a mental construct, your powers of observation are critical. Unless you can see what lies before you, you cannot describe it. Train yourself to eliminate preconceptions and received understandings when observing anything. Try to see what is before you, not what you think you see or want to see.  Kit White 101 Things to Learn in Art School\

Edward Hopper “The Lighthouse at Two Lights”

Studio Art 360: Portraits in Color Schemes of Your Choice

What colors are you using in this portrait? What IS your color scheme and what colors are you going to be using?

What struggles are you having with this painting so far? This is DUE at the end of the week – End of Class Thursday. DO NOT RUSH.

Painting: Oils and HOW TO

What color scheme are you hoping to focus on with this portrait? How will this help you UNIFY your composition? Are you using OTHER elements to create a sense of unity? What might that be?

What are you anxious about as we begin to think about and use oil paints?

ABOVE: Oil Painting CLOSE UP: Karen Appleton

Oil Paint Characteristics

Drawing: Fauvist Faces and Graffiti


Two days left… Now that you are more aware of the use of pastels and covering larger spaces faster (large to small, general to specific) how do you feel the drawing has progressed?

Step back and look over your classmates work… what has been the biggest success from you classmate?

AP Studio Art: Concentration and ONLINE PRESENCE

What have your previous works of art been this year and how have you been planning the NEW and Important ideas out for your work based on the work of the residents of Waterford Senior Living? HOW DOES INSPIRATION FROM OTHERS WORK (or talking) HELP or CHALLENGE YOU?


And the Migrants Kept Coming. Jacob Lawrence, 1941: http://www.phillipscollection.org/sites/default/files/styles/slideshow_image_size/public/media/The%20Migration%20Series-Panel%2060_0.jpg?itok=Ak5Vj5HH

What ideas have you come up with? What materials are you using that help you to challenge yourself? How does it fit into your current body of work?  How does it REACH OUT into NEW IDEAS?

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