#Friday is Here and it’s #ArtMaking Time

#13 Each generation gets to reinvent art in its own image. Because art is an act of description, it is inevitable that what it describes will reflect every generation’s bias of the moment. It is not a strict reflection of a time but an interpretation rendered in a language that is always in a state of transformation. Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School

As we are now halfway through the semester, please reflect on the skills, techniques, or tools in your art toolbox that you did not necessarily come into this studio art course with but have since developed anew, or at the least gotten a better grasp or understanding of. Please take a few minutes and write out your new skills and where you remember developing them as the quarter progressed. (Projects, discussions, feedback, reflections… be specific and write complete sentences.) Use the space to the right for more room

Studio Art 360: CLAY and Cups and Figures and Animals

 What do you currently know about using CLAY?  N: DEMO on the use of a slab of clay and the ADDITIVE and SUBTRACTIVE methods.

Here are the ideas for Final Product in the next assignment – you will have to use the same technique but with multiple solutions to the challenges – BRIGHT COLORS and GLAZES – Multiple Ideas – Clay Cup / Mug (Pinch Pot, Coils?) Animal Sculpture (look at historical ideas – REALLY OLD sculpture – stuff), Post Modern – Neo-Pop Keith Haring and other 3D Works – Bright Colors etc..

Here’s More from MY TRIPS to Milwaukee.


How have you looked at the hallways DIFFERNETLY now that you are drawing them for inspiration versus just walking down them as you go from class to class? Tell me a few (3) things that you are noticing differently.

Picasso abstracts the cityscape… what are you doing? http://pablopicasso.fr/us/journal/horta/images/5.jpg /

As you wrapped up drawing today… what new ideas do you have that you can move forward with into the ABSTRACTION?


Drawing: Kandinsky and YOU!

Reflect on YESTERDAY before you begin today! What are your OVERALL IDEAS that you hope to communicate?

Wassily Kandinsky: http://uploads8.wikipaintings.org/images/wassily-kandinsky/yellow-red-blue-1925.jpg

Biggest struggle / success for today? Write it out and the WHY!


AP Studio Art: Concentration DUE not Monday – but NEXT Monday… 3 of them…


How will your audience be MOVED by the work you are presenting? Remember that one of the CRITERIA is all about creating work that is moving and engaging? ALSO – how do you see your CULTURE / SOCIETY / ENVIRONMENT as being IMPORTANT in the work you are creating?

Michaell Berryhill – What’s he FOCUSED on? http://www.brooklynrail.org/article_image/image/13232/berryhill-web5.jpg

What work are you planning for this weekend? Be specific… What are you going to set time aside for and work on? Friday Night…  Saturday… Sunday…  Michael Berryhill: http://www.brooklynrail.org/2014/05/art/whats-more-real8232a-dead-tree-or-a-drawing-of-a-dead-treemichael-berryhill-with-nathlie-provosty

HERE is the link to the RUBRIC.

Beginning on the FIRST set of 3 works… What is the CENTRAL IDEA behind your concentration? Remember that you need to have a common thread / common theme / CENTRAL IDEA that ties your works together. Work on THIS with me – let’s explore our ideas!

ASSIGNMENT PART 1: 3 concentration works. DUE NOVEMBER 7.

Assignment Part 2: 200 Images – All On You Own. Due on NOVEMBER 6, 2016 at 11:59PM. You need to use the school based Google Drive: LINK HERE

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