Finally #Friends – It is #Friday in the #Studio. Keep making #Art!

#17 Drawing is About Mark Making

“Every mark has a distinct character and quality.Every mark is a signature. Variations in pressure and weight is the visual equivalent of intonation. Marks, or lines, of consistent weight or thickness surrounding a figure or object will flatten the image. Tapering or breaking a line in a curve can connote a highlight or make the curve flow. Also, a tentative line will read as such. Give every mark or line authority and make sure it serves a purpose. Try to use only the marks you need.” 101 Things Learned in Art School, Kit White, 2011, MIT Press

Welcome to National Arts and Humanities Month! What day is TODAY?


Studio Art 360: Drawing and Value – How do you match up?

What was the biggest challenge you found as you began to draw your values yesterday and today?

Still Life of Dennis Mogelgaard and a focus on Value – What can WE do that will make for an interesting still life drawing?

What are 2 difficulties that you had in beginning your value drawings today? Remember – DRAWING IS A CHALLENGE – let it be! 

Painting: Personal Reflection and Meaning – and PAINT!

ASSIGNMENT – Due at the END of the watercolor painting assignment October 21, 2016: Artists research on ONE of the following artists for imagery, technique, approach: Winslow Homer, Charles Demuth, Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper, Dong Kingman, Reginald Marsh, Charles Sheeler, J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Moran, Georgia O’Keefe, James Whistler, or Andrew Wyeth.

How has the gathering of images HELPED or CHALLENGED you in the creation of a composition visually and / or telling a story – about yourself?

Thomas Moran: Landscape – in Watercolor!

What does your composition say about you? How might others read the images you have gathered and assembled?

Develop / collect images, consider the ideas about yourself and surroundings. This is going to be a SELF-PORTRAIT of sorts – no that it is going to look like you but rather… the objects and images, surroundings, ideas will be about you.

Drawing: Pencils and Paper and NESTS!

How is the work developing? REMEMBER – Wednesday of NEXT WEEK as a MID-CRIT!

I have NO IDEA who this artist is… sorry:

What are three points of progress in your work? Clearly define them.  

Educational Use Thanks!


AP Studio Art: NATURE!

What has been successful for your outdoor work? What has FAILED you? Where do you need to go from here?

Niles-Udo and earth art

 With this OUT OF THE BOX (out of the doors) assignment… What are two struggles are you facing and how do you envision yourself getting out from under the challenges?


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