#Handbook #Updated for 2016-17 – FINALLY!

Handbook Cover

Arts Educators! Here is my day to day handbook that is going to press tomorrow – I hope. The new and updated 2016 – 17 Interactive Handbook for the Arts (I already see a typo on the cover – title change before too long). I am looking forward to a new approach to the day to day activities – although QUESTIONS and IDEAS are always going to be a part of the working process of the studio. I look forward to hearing thoughts and ideas about the ideas I’ve come up with, use in the studio, embed in the minds of the artists, and share from others thoughts. Special thanks to Dan Gross for the printing efforts – I am printing it at 8.5″ x 5.5″ and folding it in half with a saddle stitch in the middle – looks great! This handbook has, surprisingly, taken me the best part of the summer to get reworked and I am, at this point, please with what it looks like. http:goo.gl/ekrZ48 is the link to the shared folder – enjoy!

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