#WAEA 2016 Retreat – Mineral Point, WI

Is this a sign of things to come for me this weekend? I hope not!

Welcome to the 2016 WAEA Planning Retreat! Part of my responsibilities, and pleasure, is to help plan how the WAEA moves forward. Well, after a long and difficult week – not anything any of my students were part of – they are part of the reason I got through the week (well… there was that one moment…) it is good to be here in Mineral Point.

Interested in the WAEA? Visit our website HERE. Today we are having some planning to do. What is the WAEA is all about? I am glad you asked…

WAEA Mission Statement 
The mission of the Wisconsin Art Education Association is to promote excellence in visual art and design education for all students by: 

  •  Providing professional growth opportunities for visual art and design teachers.
  • Showcasing student talents and abilities supporting art and design as academic core disciplines.
  • Communicating with other art and design organizations.
  • Offering lifelong learning opportunities acting on vital art and design education issues.

How are we going to continue to do all of this? Another solid question.

WAEA Vision Statement
In the decade ahead, we envision:

  • An organization that lives out the values expressed in our Mission Statement, seeking and valuing contributions from each member most art educators in the state of Wisconsin will be WAEA members.
  • Members for whom the art of teaching is the first priority.
  • An organization which is diverse culturally, ethnically and economically.
  • Programs aimed at developing the whole person and promoting creative, intellectual and emotional growth.
  • New partnerships with arts organizations, institutions and businesses.
  • Fiscal resources which keep the organization financially strong.
  • WAEA will sponsor travel and trips in the United States and abroad.
  • The Visual Arts Classic will become a national model.

Lots of photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin will be made and posted here. It is my honor and pleasure to be here to serve the young artists across not only SE WI, WI as a whole, but also all the young artists who have found something in them that they need to express through a visual means – country and worldwide.

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