Welcome to the new year… and all the ways to connect with your art classes!

Welcome Back! Image from: http://atlanticneon.com/Welcome.JPG

WELCOME BACK – Almost… The new year is upon us, and with that, new and exciting courses! Art Foundations has changed to Studio Art 360! We are going to explore and experience so MANY different approaches to making art while still focusing on the same standards and goals that help ALL the visual arts succeed! Painting is BACK! While the schedule may say Oils and Encaustics… the materials are going to be Watercolors, Acrylics, Oils AND Encaustics… touching all the bases!

There are MANY ways to stay connected with what is happening in the classroom. On a DAILY BASIS you can get my posts and see how we are approaching the day. Materials, goals, probing questions, reflections to challenge your learning and growth. Select the CLICK HERE to Follow (or enter your email if that is what it asked for – on the right hand side of the screen) for a daily hello and welcome from me!

If you are like me and enjoy the world of GOOGLE and all it offers – maybe you use GOOGLE CALENDAR like me and my family, you can add MY calendar to YOUR calendar. The calendar is just to the right of the screen and you can add it to YOUR’S by selecting the +Google Calendar image on the bottom of the calendar. Poof! Right there!

REMIND is another approach… I use REMIND (formerly Remind 101) to safely text information to my students and parents about the classes and things that are going on. Generally it is for “reminders,” “hello’s,” “don’t forget” kind of things. There are 3 different courses I am teaching – Studio Art 360, Painting, and Studio Art, each of them have a different code to text to so here are the numbers. In ALL of my classes you will text to the same number (262 757 7491) but the message is slightly different. Easy enough! I will be sharing this info on day one or two with all my classes and giving the opportunity to take out their cell phones and join the mission to stay informed.

If you have ANY questions… please feel free to give me a call at 262 492 9090 – this is my cell phone so… if I don’t pick up, leave a message. If it is during the school year, 262 534 3189 ext 7123. I can also be contacted via email at fkorb@waterforduhs.k12.wi.us. Enjoy the rest of the summer and I will always be here to answer your questions!


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