Goals Have Changed… So has the Binder, er, folder

During the school year, I begin every day with a look at goals with each and every one of my classes. Our goals began, years ago, as larger ideas I made up off the cuff, in regards to what I was going to be working on during the hour of art. Times move forward and so do the ideas and understanding of how the National Visual Arts Standards worked in what I was doing with my students. Knowing about the information (a brain activity – Declarative Goal) and Working On the skills (hands on – Procedural Goal) became a more obvious approach to the designing of the daily goals for the students. As the new year approaches, there are new changes that have come about. The binders are changing to folders. Thanks to the art students from last year and the continual GREAT and HONEST feedback, the day to day goals have changed and are less about the repetition of writing verbatim or interpreting goals to answering open and thoughtful questions about the goals that are pertinent to the work and experiences at hand. The reflection about work and sketchbooks are also HUGE and really essential to the development of the thoughts and work being produced. I am VERY proud of the changes that are coming out of the Goals and look forward to helping our artists make great use of them.

Check out the Goals FOLDER pages HERE. If you have  ANY questions or thoughts or COMMENTS – PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I am in GREAT need of your feedback. I look forward to the beginning of the new school year (and the new Visual Arts Standards!). Thanks!

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