March 23, 2013 – Saturday – ABC’s Art 2013

The Newest ABC of the Arts: U and V
By: Frank Korb

Frank Korb

Frank Korb

In 2002 and again in 2007, John Tusa of The Guardian wrote the ABC’s of what was facing the world of the arts and how to deal with them. Inspired by his ABC’s, these are my 26 thoughts on the importance of support of the arts in school systems and communities across the country / world.


U is for Unity – Artists (and the rest of us who may not be artists – me excluded as I am one… whatever that means) have a need for the a sense of belonging. While the sharing of a personal body of work is one way to create a sense of unity among the artworks, the gathering of artists, whether it be at a local coffee shop, gallery, or museum, (or family room over pizza and beverages once a month – Thanks Ted) is essential in the development of a strong body of work and connection.

V is for Variety – Artists offer so much more than what they tend to get credit for when it comes to the work they produce and the individuals they are. The diversity of works that the artists create is only outdone by the diversity of actual artists themselves that are out int he community. The use of UNITY (see above) is something that helps bring them all together to share their ideas and breakthroughs in the future of the arts.


NEXT WEEK: W, X, Y, and Z

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