January 25, 2013 – Friday!

Parents / Guardians  / Students

This is the INTRODUCTION / WELCOME video for 2nd semester… Enjoy… Subscribe to this blog!


Art Foundations 2D: PBIS Poster Work, Locker Handout, Paperwork / Student Info / Get to know Mr. Korb


  1. (1.4) create, define, and solve visual challenges using (1.4.1) analysis (recognizing the elements in the artwork).
  2. (3.3) describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value.
Shepard Fairey communicates with his art. What sort of MESSAGE do you think he was trying to communicate? Shepard Fairey “Hope” Poster Court Case – Art in the news.

End of Class: What have you done with the composition (PBIS Poster) that added to your teamwork? What is the most successful aspect of your poster and why? How do you feel the poster successfully explains your PBIS topic? What portion of the poster were you responsible for? What was your partner responsible for? If graded today what grade would you give yourself and why? What have you thought about in regard to the Be statement and how can you be more aware of your behavior?


Drawing: Still Life Drawing,  Locker Handout, Paperwork / Student Info / Get to know Mr. Korb

  1. (1.2) create art that demonstrates an understanding of how ideas relate to the materials (pencils)
What do you find interesting or challenging about the work that you have seen by Georgio Morandi? Do you feel that it has an important place in the history of art? Why or Why Not?

End of Class: What skills are you demonstrating in your drawing that are surprising you about the skills that you have? Are there techniques that you are demonstrating that you did not think you were capable of? What is it that you hope to gain from this class as it moves forward? What do YOU find useful from this week’s exercise and your understanding of drawing / observation?


AP Studio Art: Concentration Work and Collage Work – Class Critique of work SO FAR.

  1. Work on (1.2) concentration works that demonstrate how your ideas relate to the materials and techniques that you use.
  2. (1.1) Apply media, technique, and process with skill and confidence
Nam June Paik uses materials that YOU may not consider “fine art materials.” What might you consider trying to use as a material for a work if you have the opportunity to use ANYTHING? Why? What sort of message might you try and communicate with that material? What do you think Paik is trying to communicate with these materials?

End of Class: What do you plan on taking home this weekend to get ahead of the challenge next week will have for you? Share what you have planned regarding your next concentration with a classmate and get two bits of advice / critique from them… offer the same back… respond to the thoughts in your sketchbook next to the drawings.


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