January 28, 2013 – Monday

Shepard Fairey uses his work to communicate and promote social messages that can help the community.

Art Foundations: Evaluate your PBIS Posters, Introduce Chapter 1 – What is Art, Make Art Using LINE!

  1. (1.4) Define the visual challenges using (1.4.1) analysis of your PBIS Poster (breaking up the artwork / subject matter to basic elements – LINE)
  2. (2.1) form criticism about your PBIS Poster regarding how it works to communicate 2.1.3 communal ideas

How were you able to grade your own work? Was it difficult to give yourself “fair” grades and evaluations? Were you too easy on yourself, too hard on yourself, or just right about your grade? What made you grade yourself one way or the other?


Piet Mondrian used the objects and spaces around him to create the work he did – even as he developed the “de stijl” he matured into.

Drawing: Continue with your observational drawings. Mid Critique others work and self evaluate your own. Discuss the use of the critiquing process to all the works.

  1. (3.2) Apply ideas in art and use skill to solve visual challenges.
  2. (1.2) Create art that demonstrates relationship between observations and drawing.

What have you learned today about how to push / pull space with value? What have you accomplished with pencil?


Welcome to Picasso’s Studio. What can you create in the time and space that you have set up for yourself?

AP Studio Art: Work on your concentration work and the breadth work.

  1. (2.1) Form criticism about artworks that accomplish personal or other meanings.
  2. (3.3) describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value

What do you have to do to resolve the collage and continue to develop your newest concentration work(s)?


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