January 24, 2013 – Thursday

Art Foundations: 1st Hour – BRING IN FOOD – Let’s win the FREE BREAKFAST!

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” – Twyla Tharp


Art Foundations: PBIS Posters and TEAMWORK!

  1. (1.3) Work on creating PBIS posters that communicate ideas clearly.

End of Class:

  1. What is the most successful aspect of your PBIS poster from today?
  2. What is it that YOU did to help with the success of that poster?
What do you think this poster is trying to communicate to an audience?


Drawing: Still Life and composition. Drawing and dealing with your drawing pencils.

  1. 1.2) create art that demonstrates an understanding of how ideas relate to the materials (pencils)

End of Class: What is the most successful aspect to your drawing today?

Georgio Morandi was HUGE about the relationship of objects in his compositions. How are you thinking about the placement of your objects in your composition?


AP Studio Art: Continue to work on collage. Continue with your concentration work.

  1. Work on (1.2) concentration works that demonstrate how your ideas relate to the materials and techniques that you use.
  2. (1.1) Apply media, technique, and process with skill and confidence

End of Class: “What is the most successful part of what you have accomplished today?”

An afternoon on the beach… or do you think there could maybe more to the narrative of this story? Hmmm.


Parents / Guardians  / Students

This is the INTRODUCTION / WELCOME video for 2nd semester… Enjoy… Subscribe to this blog!



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