We have one solid week of school left and then the time grows short. Let’s make the MOST of it as artists as we come into the studio!

CELL PHONES: I am tired of them being the source of distraction. Put them away in your backpacks or somewhere you will not reach for them. If it is the course of work time and you need to make a photograph or listen to music – FINE. No social media or other distractions though… it has really cut into the time.

Rutgers–New Brunswick conducts first-ever classroom experimental study connecting in-class cellphone use with lower test scores – click HERE to read the article. Click HERE to read the study.

Advanced Painting: Narrative Painting with RULES!

Alex Bradley Cohen and Alberto Aguilar in Collaboration at the Art Institute of Chicago

What are you doing in the final painting that is telling a story? How are you finding ways to attain all the goals and requirements that have been set up? What do you find the most challenging in this work? This is it folks – we have worked hard to learn new materials and refresh our memories on previously learned tasks… what are you doing to make the most of it?


Intro to Painting: Painting in Acrylics

Elizabety Peyton – Live Forever

PORTRAIT and STILL LIFE : These terms will be here because they are important to know as genres and they are still not being fully understood. You have heard about them and you have listened to the definitions and you are still falling short (in some cases) on the demonstration of understanding. This is the time to fall short. Learning is the process.

Art Foundations: METALS and COLLAGE

NATURE is the motif and you are all working towards an understanding of techniques. Black and white images are the final goal for the metals work and the nature will show through. Know about the techniques and LISTEN to the process so that we can have success in it all.

Here is the assignment

Collage Assignment is HERE as well. This is a GOOD in between waiting project as well… or a big project in and of itself… let’s see how things play out.

Advanced Digital art and Photography: Book Making and InDesign

We will take a look at the larger idea in the assignment and then leave it up to you to decide how you want to go about making a series of works and inserting them into a BOOK! The process is complicated and you are in need of focus and attention to the time. Studio habits are essential and I know that you have got the skills. Day 1 is an in depth dive into InDesign, the rest is on you.


Photography and the Assignment

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: Animation on your own.

Animation – What are your plans for this? We have learned a little about the process in Adobe Animate and NOW is the time to really see what we can do. Look at the ideas that we have seen in the television intros from last week and see how you might consider your ideas and interests in this work. What kind of animation do you want to attempt?

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