A New Week and New Works? Well… not necessarily – but some of you are. This is a week to REALLY focus on the skills we have learned and / or are still developing… What are you planning on doing this week?

Advanced Painting: Narrative Painting with RULES!

You are doing GREAT work THUS FAR… we are going to take a moment to look at the work with everyone to discuss the ideas that we are moving forward with. This is ALSO going to be the PLANNING STAGE of our work. RUBRIC IT!


Alex Bradley CohenIn the Studio, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
14 x 18 inches

Intro to Painting: Painting on your canvases – UNDERPAINTED?


Karen Kilminick


Janet Fish

I am leaving last weeks image up below because it is 1) GREAT and 2) we didn’t talk much about it. THIS WEEK we have already begun on the canvas!

TOP: Collage for President Elect, 1960-61. Cropped poster, magazine clippings, and mixed media, 14 1/2 x 23 13/16 inches. Collection of the artist.

BOTTOM: President Elect, 1960-61/1964. Oil on Masonite, 7 feet 5 3/4 inches x 12 feet. Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre de Création Industrielle, Paris. Photo courtesy of the artist.

James Rosenquist – the PLANNING STAGES!

  • Finish the Acrylic Technique Paintings BY THURSDAY
  • Construction of the CANVASES – 6 or so per day… PAY ATTENTION to use of ET and Study Halls.
  • Develop and Plan your Portrait Ideas and MAKE SURE you are making Photographs… If you DO NOT OUTSIDE of class – you will use yourself or a classmate.
    • Dramatic Lighting
    • Unique POV

Art Foundations: METALS!

Wheelhouse Studios…

Motif is a new term that we are going to work with in this artwork! The idea of a common theme and idea running through the entire piece to help create a sense of unity. According to the TATE: Motif can also refer to the subject of the artwork. The phrase ‘to paint from the motif’ arose in the context of impressionism, meaning to paint on the spot.

Here is the assignment

Advanced Digital art and Photography: Handbook Cover Art – Photography and Book Making

Instructions and Plans are HERE!

Planning and Design are you. Make sure you are staying in the spirit of the school – inclusion and education. This is going to be PRINTED and delivered so… you hard work will be in the hands of hundreds of people! Exciting!


Lawrence Von Thomas – Photography and the Assignment

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: BOOK DESIGN and Animation!

Animation – You are working on learning this as much as I am. I hope that the videos are helping out. This week is going to be using the techniques we have learned and making them your own. Scrap all we did in the last 15 minutes (or continue them with the rest of the week) and move ahead with the following instructions.

THIS WEEK – DUE FRIDAY – we are going to work on GRADIENTS and then we will spend the WEEK coming up with our OWN Animation that deals with:

  • a BACKGROUND, drawn or photographed
  • Foreground that is either in front of the moving object (like the water) OR is behind the moving object (like a road under a car) 
  • An object that moves through the space, on a guideline so there is up and down or back and forth movement AND had an orientation to the line
  • Has GRADIENT in the colors 
  • AND has movement within the object that moves or elsewhere in the image… 

USE THE VIDEOS and USE ONE ANOTHER to choose what you are going to be doing.

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