I think I will be in school EVERY DAY this week! Let’s hope there are NO MORE snow days or delays!


Advanced Painting: POP – Before the end of the quarter!

POP and YOU!

11 Female artists who left their mark on POP Art!

What do you need to do this week and what have you done so far? Look at the rubric and begin to define and assess the planning! One more week!

Progress Photographs as well – HERE is a GREAT video of (Not a pop artist) Matisse and the Pink Nude.

Print the following out and HANG IT IN YOUR STUDIO! I have one hanging in mine!

Intro to Painting: BIG WEEK OF PAINTING!

Landscapes are a SOLID part of the artmaking history and we are going to approach it in a number of ways! Collage, Photography, Observation and then… well… that’s it.

FOR EXTRA CRDIT IN PLANNING and STUDIO HABITS! Watch this video and make your own book from your own internet research.

Art Foundations: Space and Pencil – Perspective and the Still Life

MARK MAKING is HUGE in what we are going to be doing – what mark making do you know?

Still Life assignment is coming up and this is the ASSIGNMENT!

Advanced Digital art and Photography: COMING UP ON A DEADLINE – SOON

ONE MORE WEEK and then we critique – onto more designing and perhaps some animation – I need to learn this along with you. Changes in the curriculum and lesson plans? Perhaps!

Here are some more of the PHENOMINAL ARTIST Erik Johansson’s works that we can be inspired and amazed at.

Photo-manipulation IDEAS and the ASSIGNMENT

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: Photography and Photoshop and Art History

One more WORKDAY and then the Critique. What do you need to do TODAY?


I’m ok with this – I am not a fan of Jeff Koons – but that is just me…

Famous Work of Art Created through PHOTOGRAPHY and then PHOTOSHOP! HERE it is!

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