4 Weeks till Spring Break – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we have a lot of work to do yet!

Advanced Painting: Gouache and Theme and POP and DIFFERENCES!

What are the things you are doing to move the work forward? How are you making progress here? What are your plans? What can we do together to make sure you are moving forward and beginning the process?

Pauline\\\11 Female artists who left their mark on POP Art!

Progress Photographs as well – HERE is a GREAT video of (Not a pop artist) Matisse and the Pink Nude.

Intro to Painting: Watercolor and Landscapes / Plein Air / Book Binding / Observation

Book Binding Demo and getting into it ALL WEEK – PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROCESS so that you are ALWAYS ABLE to work solo and help one another AS THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE TO WORK WITH!

Landscapes are a SOLID part of the artmaking history and we are going to approach it in a number of ways! Collage, Photography, Observation and then… well… that’s it.

Art Foundations: Photography and Photoshop

Photoshop is going to be a place to not only have a TON of fun and explore what you can do to PHOTOSHOP a photograph BUT it is also a place to SIMPLY make a strong image and fix it just a little bit – to improve all that you have done to make a strong photograph to start with.

Photoshop instructions HERE

Photography through the Elements an the Principles… HERE you go!

Advanced Digital art and Photography: Photo Manipulation and COMMUNITY!

Photo-manipulation IDEAS and the ASSIGNMENT

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: Photography and Photoshop and Art History

How can you do this ALL AT HOME like this artist, Biblioteka Dobrolyubova does.

Katherine Cusak and 50 more examples of how photographers have recreated famous works of art.

Famous Work of Art Created through PHOTOGRAPHY and then PHOTOSHOP! HERE it is!

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